Internet Law

How to Write an Interesting Privacy Policy

When you think of company policies and disclosures for websites, it comes as no surprise that reputed companies employ teams of lawyers and search engine optimisation specialists to draft them on their behalf. If you’ve ever taken your time to read them, you would agree. However, when it comes to a privacy police for a small startup company, for instance, an firm, sometimes it makes a lot of sense to draft them out by yourself—you know very well what you will do with the information and you are better placed to advice your readers or customers accordingly.

  • Here are a few things that you can include to make your internet privacy policy not only clear but also interesting to your visitors or website users.
  • Write the policy in plain and clear English. If your primary language is something else apart from English, strive to use that language in its simplest form.
  • Clearly explain some of the information that you will be collecting from your visitors (credit card, login, age, gender, cookies, email etc) and explain whether such information will be identifying or if they will remain anonymous. Additionally, let them know whether you will be sharing their information with other websites, partners, or other affiliates.
  • Make it clear that if you are compelled by law to disclose certain information, you will be ready to comply
  • Provide your readers or visitors with the flexibility of verifying, editing, or deleting some personal registration information if need be. You can tell them that there are procedures in place to ensure that such a process is successful.
  • Provide your visitors with an option to opt out of future communication with your website should they deem fit. In other words, if someone wants to discontinue your corporation with him or her, make it easy.
  • Remind your visitors that the privacy policy will be updated periodically and make it clear the methods that you will use to communicate such changes.

Bottom Line

While not everyone will spare their time to read your company’s privacy policies, Webgator believe that it’s an element that tells a lot about the nature of your business or company, what it stands for, and what it plans to achieve. Tomorrow’s success not only depends on just doing the correct thing today, but doing it every day. Remember, we all want our information to be kept safe and secure; our most valuable assets—our users, customers, stakeholders and community members—do too.